ANGEL is a Venezuelan-American architect and fashion designer who has divided his time between New York and Miami since 2015. Globally renowned for his evening wear as well as his acclaimed bridal line, Angel has dressed such luminaries as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Diane Lane, Eva Longoria, Sandra Bullock, Gisele Bündchen, Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Hurley and Iman, with his designs has been available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and other fine retailers from Mexico City to Japan to Kuwait. “Being part of the Project Runway jury for three seasons was very enriching,” he says. “It was like going back to my beginnings as a designer. I enjoyed that encounter with young talent and with all the creative energy of Latin America.” Angel finds much common ground between the disciplines of fashion and interior design. “The creative process is quite similar, and both often share the same trends in thematic colors,” he notes. Chris continues to be amazed by Angel’s work ethic: “First and foremost, he does not stop designing. Whether it’s a dress or interior, it’s 24 hours with him. I have to say to him, Give your brain a rest!” Chris, who describes his own style as spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment, remembers being grateful when Angel’s organization skills became clear: “I remember when we finally said, Let’s do this! Angel immediately launched a business plan. If I had to describe him—and his work—in three words, it’s fast, clean and Sophisticated.” 




CHRIS, like Angel, began his career in New York, and in the last two decades has seen his work featured in nearly 100 publications, including Interior Design, Town & Country and Architectural Digest. Year after year, he has been named in House Beautiful’s Top 100 and was listed numerous times as one of the 50 Designers You Need to Know by New York Spaces. As for the origin story of Sanchez+Coleman, Chris recalls certain key moments: “We had been doing a few projects together for six years, including the Kips Bay Show House in New York in 2008. That’s where we really mixed fashion and interior design. And I will never forget when we designed our apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007. We started with the master bedroom with a red feature wall, a custom piano multicolor headboard and stripped vertical box lights with a black carpet on the floor. When Angel saw it, he said it looked like a kid’s playroom. Well, it went on to be our most published space, in 18 magazines around the world, from Russia to India.” Angel cites Christopher’s sure attention to detail as a major attribute: “I’m amazed by Chris’s talent to take care of the minutest detail of each project. In the end everything seems to make sense, from the title of a book over the coffee table, or that piece of furniture that seemed a little out of place, but all together it achieves a narrative and magic coherence.”